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Whether you are an end user or a callshop cafe owner provider, you can use Afghan Voip's ideal and affordable services to your advantage. Afghan Voip’s services are designed to provide affordability, ease of use and quality.

At Afghan Voip, you can make your ideal and affordable phone calls directly from your computer. Call any where in the world using our state of the art technology.

Following are some of our technologies and services that you can take advantage of.

PC2Phone: Download our softphone dialer from any computer that has connection to the internet. Buy an internet phone card from one of our reseller near you and make calls from the convenience of your home or from your favorite internet café.

Callshops: Walk into any of our participating callshops and make a call to any where in the world. If you are a Callshop owner and you want to provide excellent but affordable telephone services, Afghan Voip has a state of the art Callshop services and software that will make your experience both pleasant and profitable.


Mobile and PC Dialers


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MOSIP - code:9477

For all platforms - code

PC Dialer

Itel - code:68083

Complete list of PC & Mobile Dialers DOWNLOAD PAGE.



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